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Specialty subdivision expertise, with fixed fees for certainty

Specialty subdivision expertise, with fixed fees for certainty

Are you a developer carrying out a subdivision?   A homeowner wanting a boundary adjustment?  Do you get frustrated that everyone gives you a fixed price except your lawyer?

Because we do a lot of these, we know what is likely to arise, and how much they cost.  We can help you through the process, and give you the certainty of a fixed price.

What we do

The aspects of a subdivision we can help you with include (but aren't limited to):

  • initial investigations of the title, easements, covenants and other instruments

  • advising you on the appropriate legal structure for the subdivision, from unit titles through to fee simple titles with covenants and residents' associations

  • working with your surveyor (or we can recommend one if you are coming early to this process) to set up any new easements, review any consent notices, and otherwise make sure that the process for registration runs smoothly

  • reviewing draft scheme plans and title plans

  • drafting all final documents, and attending to the registration

  • advising you on any finance documentation, and liaising with your mortgagee in respect of the process.

Our approach to pricing

We offer fixed fees, and we don't charge extra for office services like faxes or photocopying.  (We wouldn't expect to have to pay for using cutlery at a restaurant.)  We let you know the all-up inclusive cost of the transaction, including the Landonline fees, right at the start, so that you can budget accordingly.

The legal fees for a subdivision depend on a number of factors, from the ownership structure of the property, to the covenants and other instruments on the title, and whether you have one (or more) mortgagee involved.  

Typically, the legal fees for a standard 2-lot subdivision with one owner could be as little as $2,500 plus gst and Landonline fees.

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