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Special pricing for all CBS Members:

  • 15% discount on legal fees for property sales and purchases,
    subdivision and other conveyancing work (including refinancing)

  • 15% discount on workshops and seminars

  • 7.5% discount on general legal advice


Need a lawyer for that construction project, subdivision or property transaction? 


DwyerLaw are specialist property and construction lawyers.  Our expertise means that you don’t need to waste time and money explaining how projects work.  We are highly skilled and cost effective, and able to give fixed prices for the legal advice for your project.


From terms of trade to property settlements, Construction Contracts Act issues to general legal advice and training, we bridge the information gap by showing you how to use the law, to protect yourselves, keep your margins, and get paid.


We are proactive and practical.  We make the law work for you. 

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Combined Building Supplies Cooperative
Special Offer for Members

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